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Explosion-proof Brass Cable Gland Metric/PG Thread Type
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Explosion-proof Brass Cable Gland Metric/PG Thread Type

Product Overview:

1, Material: Body: brass nickel-plated; Claw: PA; Sealing and O-ring: NBR

2,Protection Level: IP68 to 10 bar

3,Color: Metallic

4,Temperature resistance:

Static state: -40 degree to 100 degree, interm. up to approx. 120 degree

Dynamic state: -20 degree to 80 degree, interm. up to approx. 100 degree

5,Thread length: Standard thread type for use with thin board or equipment with inner thread. Longer thread type for use with thick board jointing. Thread stretched can be customized.

6,Features: Special design of claw and sealing bump clasped. Extremely easy installation. Strong resistance to pressure. Be designed to withstand water, dust, salt, acid-base, alcohol, oil and common solvent.

7,Instruction: Matching products of cables, Used to tighten the cables and joint to another equipments or insert to electric equipments with inner thread interfaces. 

8,Variations: Other designs are on request and special sealing inserts are possible. OEM is available. Welcome to inquire. 

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